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I believe that I'm applying to a fairly competitive MS program. I took the GRE in 2012 and was accepted into an MBA program from a local/ lower tiered school.  I completed the MBA as well as an MS. My GRE scores were in 30-50 percentile and I plan on requesting a gmat waiver based on the completion of the two degrees.  

Would you you include the GRE scores in the application? Any advice on the LOR's? I'm leaning towards not including them.  

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First, it sounds like you've already completed two graduate programs? The MBA and a MS; and you are applying for a third graduate program? 

What are the requirements for the application? Most schools will not accept GRE scores older than 5 years. You might not have a choice whether to include the scores; some universities make concessions for applicants with master's degrees and others don't. 

As far as the LORs, do you have positive relationships with any of the professors from your other graduate programs? They would be able to speak to your academic ability, research skills, etc. 

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