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Columbia U MPA-DP (NYC) vs The Graduate Institute IHEID (Geneva)


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Hello everyone, 

I would like to hear from people who have gone to either Columbia SIPA for MPA in Development Practice or The Graduate Institute, Master in Development Studies in Geneva. 

I got accepted in both programs, and I have to give an answer to the Grad Institute by April 15th... The fact that's it's located in Geneva in the heart of international organizations and its low tuition, make it very attractive. However, I get a feeling that it is a more theoretical program than SIPA's MPA-DP. From my research, MPA-DP really looks like the program of my dreams with a more hands-on and practical approach to development.

I am coming from an engineering background with 5 years of experience, and I would like to be surrounded with people of my age also with professional experience. I'm afraid that the Grad Institute MDEV program is a more of a classical program with people coming straight from undergrad or with a very little professional experience. On the other hand, SIPA tuition for which I did not get a fellowship is a very hard bill to foot...

I would appreciate any feedback on these two programs! 

Thanks in advance, and good luck to everyone! 

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