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  • I have been accepted to another University to which I have to notify by April 15th. I don't mind paying the unrefundable deposit and not getting it back but I'm STILL waiting for result from UPenn. What if I am accepted to UPenn after April 15th, when I would have already emailed the university I have already been accepted of my commitment? Can I still withdraw from the university and attend Penn?
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If you would be happy with the university in which you have already been accepted AND you do not mind forfeiting the deposit, then commit to the first university. If UPenn comes along and also accepts you, and you feel it is a better choice, accept their offer and place your deposit, then you reach out to your first school to back-out and reject your acceptance. You do not need to let any school that has waitlisted you or has not confirmed your admission/acceptance unless you would like to be removed from the waitlist or would like to withdraw your application.

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