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Help me choose ML courses


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I have been admitted to the Masters program at Virgina Tech, Blacksburg Campus.

I have completed my undergraduation in electrical engineering. My work experience lies in the automotive industry.

My area of focus is in Software and Machine Intelligence or Signals and Systems. I could choose between these two. I intend to study subjects concerning Machine Learning and work towards a thesis in autonomous systems. 

Since, I do not have any substantial coding experience, just self-taught Python etc., I would like suggestions on choosing the coursework for the graduate program.

I plan to have the following courses to satisfy the program requirements - 

Pattern Recognition
Convex Optimization
Deep Learning
Advanced Machine Learning
Probabilistic Graphical Models and Structured Predictions
Advanced Topics in Intelligent Systems
Theory of Algorithms

I plan to learn Data Structures, Java, Python and build up a strong mathematical background in the next three months, before graduate school starts.

I also intend to work in a lab, to perform research for my thesis or towards a project. I am afraid that my coursework is quite heavy, though those fears may be unfounded.

Any advice on choosing the coursework for a non CS background guy would be appreciated. Any leads on preparing for this courses would also be appreciated!


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