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ok , to bring you to reality,every thing is working with science and physics and so on.whenever you go to passe the examination of these type of modules you will just find yourself unable to continue working this way and to feel the most unconfortable if someone hasnt released the fraction of the decisive traditory and in order not to make in danger the gravity of the fact.the empeachement would be so cold if not assisted by the communication bellow and the common intertainement in the second vision on the term that is not really inspiring from the top 5 of the classement.it would be great to follow the steps of the magnificent leaders of their time.it must be the firt treatment or if i can say treaty to collaborate with such a regime ,with such ppwer of will and enthousiasme to pick up the right significance of the major effects of that science that helped and is going to destroy humanity.the fact is that every thing is going to an end,but i could not see it that way,i mean not the way to imagine all the greatness of the world would one day desapear and collaps.it is just desoling to feel such a disorder in the lives and behavior of people without forgetting about the govenment and the heads of each country in the world. sorry for this rubbich but i just wanted to write

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