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New Program in the Humanities


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Hello everyone,

I would like to raise awareness to a new graduate program in the Humanities with the Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS). The program features courses with world-class faculty (including Alain Badiou and Jean-luc Nancy), opportunities to publish, and an ever-growing community of researchers. You can study full-time or part-time, either in person in the beautiful Maribor, Slovenia, from a distance using the online classroom, or a mixture of the two. In addition to the regular courses, there are short week-long intensive courses that are offered at various locations throughout the year. For example, a course on the Cuban revolution in Havana, or a course with Luce Irigaray in Paris. 

The Global Center for Advanced Studies offers both a MA (2 years) and a PhD (3 years) in partnership with Alma Mater Europaea. With the goal of GCAS as being able to provide debt-free education, the yearly tuition is 5,000 Euros, with scholarships available to bring tuition down to 3,500 Euros. 

Here is the link to the homepage of the school:


The Global Center for Advanced Studies is also hosting a summer institute focusing on the theme "Practicing Intellectual Resistance" this summer (June 28th - July 7th) to which all are invited to come and experience GCAS.

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