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UW-Madison Acceptances

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I'm going to GASP, and also very excited! Are you all staying the whole time? The only way I could swing it was to get there Sunday afternoon, and fly out of Madison on Tuesday afternoon - it seems like the major events are Sunday and Monday anyway.

I have been impressed with how organized they are as well, setting us up with hosts that match our interests and sending us a list of students with similar interests - that was nice! Have any of you contacted anyone on that list to ask questions? What else have you done to get ready? I feel like I should read more faculty work. It's my first visit and I'm definitely a bit nervous.

Anybody have thoughts on funding/the financial situation? That remains my major concern with the program, because everything else looks fantastic. They did tell me they believe everyone will be funded this year, though, when all is said and done - but that's still up in the air. First year PAship funding for me is still pending.

I'm trying to figure out what to pack, but coming from Louisiana is seriously skewing my idea of what appropriate cold weather clothes are like. I'm psyched to see Madison, though.

As far as identifying each other...well, I'll make it simple. PM me and I'll tell you my name!

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Hi, everybody!

I'm so excited for GASP, too! Is anyone staying with a grad student? I am, and I know that there are two other girls in the same house as me...the host's name is Leah. I will be arriving Sunday afternoon and leaving midday on Tuesday afternoon.

I think intextrovert's idea is a great one...we should PM one another and get names!!

So excited--congrats to everyone!

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