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I am scared



I go to UBC undegrad computer engineering and my gpa was in the 3.0 range (we have percentage instead of gpa  and usually a 72-75 correspondence to 3.0 or B, a 68-71 to 2.7/2.8 or B- etc) in my first year. But in my 2nd year it dropped a lot and right now its in B- range after finishing second year(I will be starting my 3rd year this fall), i am really scared right now that i might just not have the required 3.0 gpa overall, or a 76 average in my 300 and 400 level courses in UBC. So i was planning to do these things


1. Definitely do co-op, some more personal projects

2. Do some undergraduate research

3. Build up working relationship with professors(I think right now i have some profs who can really write me a very good recommendation letter), 

4. Go to industry, and gain some experience, work for 2-3 years for a company, then go to grad school

5. Extend my degree a by 2-3 years(since i will be doing a minors in commerce so it will extend my degree to get the minors) and take some other courses(economics and commerce since i plan to minor in commerce) to boost my overall gpa a bit

6. Kind of unrealistic, but try to work for a prof at UBC so that he/she can take me as his/her grad student???


With those activities(excluding option 6) but sub 3.0 gpa, do i have a realistic shot at a bit lower ranked canadian universities like McGill, UAlberta or some other universities, for MASC/MSC, i am not ruling out USA and might take the GRE, but Canada is my preferred choice.


Also should i be doing anything else apart from those activities?

Now for the option 6, how realistic is that? i heard from some ubc students that it sometimes happens in our department (not a rare case in ECE department compared to our other departments)


Thanks in advance


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