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Master's in Occupational Therapy Program Application

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Hi all,

I’m looking for advice in applying to Master’s in Occupational Therapy programs and trying to get a feel of what everyone else has experienced.

I applied to the following schools this past admissions cycle and was rejected to all. I’m pretty upset but I think that my GPA from undergrad (2.87) might be preventing me from getting accepted. Is there a way to improve this? Are there ways in which I could compensate for this? Maybe become more involved in a Rehabilitation Hospital/Clinic or take a course in the field of Occupational Therapy? I’m greatly interested in Occupational Therapy in the inpatient pediatric setting and have great experience as well as numerous observation hours of OTs in this setting. I just feel like I’m missing something… My mentor recommended applying to schools outside of the New England area. Any thoughts on this? 

Salem State University

University of New England

Springfield College

Bay Path University


Would greatly appreciate any feedback!!

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