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What would MS in CS programs look for to accept a Finance Major?


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I am currently a finance major at a top undergrad business program in the U.S. who is interested in learning more CS. I am doing a minor through my school along with a couple extra classes but I am interested learning more. I would do a dual degree but it would unfortunately require several pre-requisites which would add atleast 1.5 years to my undergrad (which is not doable because I am an out of state student). Also the computer science program at my school isn't the best.

I was wondering what kind of stats I need programs look for. Also are there any programs which take people from non CS/STEM backgrounds. Any sources which I can do my own research would be helpful. I'm just not sure where to start.

One of my main concerns is that I have only taken finite mathematics and an intro to statistics class at my college since I tested out of Calculus by taking Calc AB in high school. I am planning to take discrete math next semester but that will be the last math class I take. Will this be an issue when applying?

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