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Evaluation required for GRE issue essay


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Hi All,

Kindly requesting for evaluation of below issue essay

Some people believe that strong relationships can only develop after conflict and resolution have enabled the partners to speak openly and trust deeply. Others believe that each conflict creates rifts in a relationship that can never be repaired, weakening its foundation. Write a response in which you determine which view bears the closest resemblance to your own. In justifying your reasoning and supporting your position, be sure to include your reaction to both of the views presented.


Conflict is a part of life. It exists in every relationship and it is not egregious. No problem is too small to acknowledge in a relationship and if partners do not address the small problem then it will give rise to the big issue. Bigger problems can get difficult to solve. Involving in relation is not going to end the relationship rather avoiding it will. Conflict are critical events that can either make relation stronger or weaker. 

In a healthy relation communication is a key. When you communicate with your partner you tend to understand them better and your relationship becomes stronger. As communication between partners arises, conflicts get resolved and trust among partner increases automatically leading to a harmonious and mature relationship. In addition, letting all the thoughts and expressing feelings releases tension, anxiety, and fears. The person feels unburdened and lighter. Anxiety and stress consist for harmful hormones, that dissipate after the person sets his/her view and express the feeling of agitations. Whereas keeping emotions bottled up all the time causes the depression. 

Moreover, involving in conflict with the partner helps us to judge their like, dislike, boundaries and flexibilities. These aspects breed deeper respect and the strong foundation for good relationship. It also increases patients, care, love among partners.

On the other hand, not many people in the world have 100% successful relationship. There is high divorce rate in the USA can prove this. Those couples have remained together for numerous years and conflict must have been played the big part in ending a large number of relationship.

Conflict in a relation is inevitable. some people argue that conflict is bad for the relationship and ultimately led to a demise of the relationship.Other argues that conflicts is good for the maintating relationship and will help to flourish. Conflict can be both positive and negative. Conflict create the deeper understanding, closeness, and respect or they can be destructive causing resentment, hostility, and divorce. Conflict is always happening in different context. 





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