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Apprenticeship Opportunity: Marketing Analytics Assistant @ HighCappin


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Read more details and apply here.

Are you an ambitious and motivated A-player? Looking for a chance to prove it?

Are you ready to join a fast-moving, successful e-commerce company at the forefront of the manufacturing and Amazon FBA space?

Do you want to supercharge your marketing career working with people with years of experience on the ground in China?

If this sounds like you, read on…


Why should you work for this company?

Matt Kowalak and Jamon Yerger are the cofounders of High Cappin and have a decade of experience at the forefront of global manufacturing.

They split their time between sourcing products in China, launching new products in the U.S., and sharing their years of experience through their membership site, ‘Running With China’.

The company has some big projects lined up for the next year, and they need an ambitious fast learner to help them capitalize on a number of key opportunities.

This isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but the right person will find this opportunity extremely valuable. Matt and Jamon have expertise built up from years in the trenches in China that you can’t find anywhere else.

Between a sourcing business, ecommerce lines and a membership site, they have a lot of plates spinning, and it will be your job to give them the big picture information they need, growing the business quickly and learning a lot as you go.


Position Details:

With a few projects in the pipeline and resources behind you, you’ll be able to find where you fit best to grow the business and make a real impact.

This is a great opportunity for someone who’s already got a few skills, and is ready to join in with a successful company that has the resources to grow their career fast.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of remote working, but you’ll also get a chance to get in on the ground and learn. Details are flexible, but the goal would be to spend ~3 months starting in September or October on the ground in Asia (probably Thailand) getting up to speed and learning a ton from Matt.

After this ramp up period you’ll be free to work from wherever you’d like.

This is an “up or out” position. You will be expected to move up in the company and take on more responsibilities and a leadership role.

The right candidate will have an opportunity to step into the role of a Marketing Director after a year, and there is an opportunity for equity for especially high performers.


Sound like something that might interest you?

Read more details and apply here.

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