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If there are any current students of the Universities mentioned above who would be willing to engage in a round of hurt/heal against the others, please list below the reasons I should pick one over the other. I've already got an unconditional admit at Bayreuth that I'll be rejecting, an admit at LMU that I am unsure whether I'll accept, and am waiting to hear from TUM, Bonn and Mannheim. Oh and Tuebingen. But that is for sure a backup.

So far I think my preference is for Bonn (Quantitative Economics), Mannheim (Economics), LMU (Economics), TUM (Economics and Policy), Tuebingen (Economics)

The math content for me is important, because I want to work as a Quant; and Mannheim's Msc Economics seems to have almost as much maths as Bonn's QE, so I think they're definitely my top two. Though, TUM said they allow students to pick up additional classes without needing to separately apply for a degree program, so I could also technically complete a minor in Mathematics there.

My only concerns about TUM and LMU is how expensive Munich is? I have applied for accommodation through the Students Union, but if I am rejected there is no way I can afford to privately rent a room (700 euro a month is more than I pay in London). I was considering driving my brothers camper-van over and living at a camp ground if I can get international insurance, because that honestly seems to be the only reasonable option to keep my rent under 500 euro a month. I don't mind doing this - I've lived out of a camper-van before for months at a time in South America, and it was kind of like being on a permanent holiday. Sucks that I'd have to go to the gym every day to shower, but I could do with upping my gym time from once or twice a week anyway.

How do current students there manage? Do you live in the suburbs and bike/get the train in? If so, is this a realistic option? Where in the suburbs should I look?


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