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PhD in Sociology?


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Hey there, first time poster here.


I joined this forum because I am really considering perusing a career as a sociology professor. I absolutely love sociology, but for my first two years of undergrad I decided to do a psychology degree because my plan was to go to law school. However, next year I will be in my third year and I am beginning and honors degree in sociology, which is what I will need to get into a masters program here in Canada and eventually a PhD. I would be super grateful for any advice from people on this forum who are experienced students of sociology (i.e., people who have/are pursuing the same goal) through this thread or via personal message!:) I'm quite nervous about the process, but I am a pretty decent student! My GPA through two years is 3.81/4.0, but I plan on putting in far more work to finish my degree! Does anyone have any recommendations in terms of what kind of grades I should aim for, what kind of research/job experience I should have, and whatever else?:)


Thanks guys!



ALSO: Whether you're from Canada, the USA, or somewhere else, I will value your advice because I do not know where I will be attending graduate school :)

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