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Hey guys I was hoping someone would help me with this. I didn't do so hot in the GRE (157 verbal 158 quant). However I'm a genetics student in the honors program at UGA with a 4.0 GPA and should have about 1000 hours of research and hopefully a published paper by the time I apply. Has my GRE scores taken me out of the running for PhD programs in top tier schools like MIT or Stanford? 

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I think you'll be fine. Your application has many different factors. I have been trolling others scores at the school I'm applying to and it appears to have a wide range. Rule of thumb for me is one of the private schools I applied to asks for nothing less than combined 295. Although other schools don't ask for that number I go by that standard as a baseline. More or less if a private college is looking for that score more than likely other private colleges are as well, and public ones will probably sway either way.

It's not all about your GRE score! I've seen some people report having 4.0 and good GRE scores and being rejected. Make sure to give quality time in your essays, and make sure to ask good references. Put any and all volunteer time on your application! And GOODLUCK!

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Hello everyone, 

My name is victor and I am from Cuba. I'm thinking to apply to the MSW program next year but my gpa is really low 2.7. However I got a good Gre score 160 in quantitative and 165 in verbal. I want to apply next year and I want to know my chances to get in a good program



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Hi, Victor Filman 

It is very nice to meet you! I am from Vietnam and i gonna take my GRE General test by the end of October, 2017 which means that i have around two more months before reaching the test date. So, Could you please give me some advice to this test (tips and document).

Thanks you so much!


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Hey tuan, 


the good thing is that you have time. Because English is not my first language I read the New York Times for verbal reasoning at least five passages per day. It's like to do 100 reading comprehension per day and you can do it before to go bed and memorize vocabulary too. I bought a book from Kaplan really good and no pricy at all. Math for me was overwhelming at the beginning but the good thing in the gre is that all the question at end are the same. So when you know the kind of question the asked the rest is easy just practice. All of this is good if you have time to do all of this.

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