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Pursuing my second masters(in AI/ML, after first MS in Math). I have one more year before I graduate. Need advice regarding Fall '18 PhD admissions


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  • My first MS was an integrated BS-MS in Mathematics. My grades there were modest (7.3 on a scale of 10)
  • My second MS is in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. I have significantly improved my grades- the current being 3.8. Will this be able to make up for the modest grades earlier?
  • I changed fields, and one of the reasons was that I discovered pure math, the only kind that was offered at my UG institute, was not what excited me a lot.
  • I worked for a year in a firm where I did work related to my current area, between my two masters.
  • I have one (joint) first-author paper in submission.
  • I am in good books of at least 3 faculty members I have done projects with.
  • I have a couple more projects presently going on, and should be able to submit them by the time of applications.
  • GRE- 163 Verbal, 168 Quant, 4.0 AWA

Questions I have

  • What things should I keep in mind to maximize my chances of getting into a PhD program?
  • How to gauge what schools are ambitious and what schools are safe?
  • What is a good time to get in touch with professors.
  • Do I have a disadvantage as compared to students who did their UG in CS?
  • (Subjective) How strong would you rate my profile?
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