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Skype interview this weekend for a TA position


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Hi, all

I was admitted to a computer science PhD program at a small school like two months ago with no funding immediately available.

I emailed them forth and back in early may and they said no funding available but they would let me know in the case of future opening. It didn't look promising and I just gave it up. 

Unexpectedly, they said there's a TA position opening that would cover tuition and stipends. The professor of interest invited me to a Skype interview this weekend.

I did a couple of interviews before but it's all about academics and research. Should I expect something else since this interview is specifically for a TA position?

Most applicants who received at least one offer have probably already accepted their positions I believe, given that it's already late May. I have no idea about other candidates being interviewed. But to be optimistic, I reckon the competition is possibly less fierce.


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