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I have planed to apply to grad schol this year.

However, I have got a bad GPA, GRE, GRE CS and also TOEFL.

My GPAs are 2.01 in B.Eng, 3.65 and M.Eng. (Computer Engieering)

My GRE is V/Q : 290/790, and Subject Test is at 50th percentile.

(I took a test 2 times this years, and still waiting for the second score.)

I also took TOEFL test 4 times, all are bad and not consistent.


1st : 17/26/14/24

2nd : 26/24/15/17

3rd : 27/18/15/17

4th : 23/22/18/21

Despite the low score, I've just submit a paper to high rank conferences

in filed of theoretical computer science, STOC. I have a confident that

this paper would be accepted.

I'm nearly to give up to apply to grad school.

Am I have a little chance to be admitted by any grad school.

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