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Fall 2018 PhD - Competitive Enough?

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Hey guys I appreciate you looking at my post. Is my profile competitive enough? 
Undergrad Institution: Top 25 statistics undergraduate school (known for grade deflation)
Major(s): Actuarial Science and Statistics with Honors
GPA: 3.54, Major GPA: 3.7 - I was an athlete my freshman year; I averaged a 3.7 over my last two years
Type of Student: Domestic, Male, Asian
GRE General Test:
V: 156 (72%)
W: 4.0 (59%)
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:
M: N/A
Programs Applying: Masters/PhD in Applied Statistics/Statistics
Research Experience:
Statistics Research: worked on an economic scenario generation model with a professor in the statistics department, created Monte Carlo simulation from scratch to predict stock prices;
Political Science research: various research - not statistics related, except for a part where I modeled a process in Python: paper is in the works and will be published next spring; Independent research project to complete honors curriculum

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Presidential Scholarship, Excellence in Mathematics Award, Outstanding Citizenship Award, college-specific scholarship 

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Actuarial Intern with two major insurance companies, Internship with Brown University, Resident Assistant in Residence Halls, President of Actuarial Science Club, other sales associate jobs while in college
Letters of Recommendation: 2 letters of recommendation from statistics teachers (both decently known - but, they know me very well) and 1 from Political Science Professor

Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: 
Passed two actuarial exams (FM and P) 
Statistic Courses: Intro to Stats (A-), Probability Theory (A-), Statistical Theory (A), Time Series & Linear Regression (taking this fall) 

Applying to Where: 
Columbia University        Masters of Arts in Statistics 
University of Michigan     Masters of Arts in Applied Statistics
Notre Dame                    Masters of Arts in Applied Statistics
UCLA                              Masters of Arts in Applied Statistics
Georgia Tech                  Masters of Arts in Statistics 
UNC-Chapel Hill             Masters of Arts in Statistics 
Duke University              Masters of Arts in Statistics 
UCSB                             PhD in Statistics/Masters in Statistics
UC-Irvine                        PhD in Statistics/Masters in Statistics
University of Pittsburgh    PhD in Statistics/Masters in Statistics
CMU                                Masters in Statistics  
Syracuse University         Masters of Arts in Applied Statistics
Villanova University         Masters of Arts in Applied Statistics
UIUC                                PhD in Statistics
University of Chicago     Masters of Arts in Statistics
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