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Searching for Apartment in Nyc.. Help!

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I want to rent an apartment in new york city because it is close to NYU, but I am having a lot of difficulty finding places that are right for me. For example, I am going to be a full time student, so I won't be working and initially planned to use a guarantor service, however, I found out that the service only applies to their own certified buildings (most of which aren't so nice..) I am wondering if anyone has any advice on this because most landlords in nyc are very strict about income requirements. My credit is excellent, but it is still extremely difficult to find landlords that are friendly to students. Should I just forget the guarantor and try to pay for the whole year upfront or offer to put six months down? Very confused. 

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I am going to graduate school at Hofstra this fall, and I briefly looked into looking at apartments in Queens. From what I understand, apartment hunting within the five boroughs of NYC is extremely competitive. While I chose to move to Long Island instead of Queens, I thought about the different variables in getting an apartment. I knew my income wouldn't be enough to qualify and I was irresponsible in my early 20s, so I have poor credit too. I am lucky enough to have my dad cosign for me, and when it came time for me to apply for an apartment, I provided proof of my financial aid, because I took out a grad plus loan to help cover rent. I was able to get approved for an apartment on Long Island with my dad, and the financial aid, but beforehand, i thought about my other options. I think if you're able to, being able to offer a few months of rent upfront, or maybe offering a little more on the security deposit. I'm not entirely sure I would pay the entire year up front, but I'd at least try to start with offering three months. I'm unsure how reputable third party guarantors are, but I do know there are other companies out there who may be beneficial to you. Researching sites, or even the gradcafe to see if anyone has used any could be good for you. Good luck with your search! 

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