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Should I wait for the next Ivy's application cycle?


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Hi everyone,

I'm a student of a Top 5 UK university in my subject and Top 30 University worldwide. I want to apply and do MS program at Harvard (there is a couple MS program at Harvard) and other Ivy leagues. However my grades hasn't been that good. The degree in the UK is classified, in my case, by 25% from my second year and 75% from my third year. First year is discarded but I did terribIe. But this was due to an extenuating circumstance. I could make a strong application but the only weakness is my grades. Following the Fullbright UK-US conversion I'd say I have a grade of equivalent to 3-3.4 GPA atm, not taking my first year grades into account. I'm confident in turning this around and could graduate with grades equivalent to GPA of 3.8 or above. But the admission deadline is in December, I don't think I have enough time to proof that I am capable. What should I do? How should I use my summer to better my chance on getting in for this application cycle? Should I wait until after I graduate and have my grade showing that I am capable?

Also how does a grad school offer works? Is it conditional/unconditional as in like UK universities?

Thank you

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