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Hello everyone. I've been lurking around this forum for awhile, and want to thank everyone (especially the regular posters) for their comments, stories and advice - it's been reassuring and helpful to visit this site during the application process.

Does anyone have any thoughts on when Harvard Complit will start notifying? I checked the results search, and almost all of the posted results from years past are rejections and are in March. Does anyone know if they notify a wave of acceptances/rejections any earlier? I'm hoping someone has some inside information they'd like to share :)

Thanks so much for your help!

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I was initially reluctant to post about/submit this result as I don't want to cause any unnecessary anxiety. Now I sincerely hope this info will cause less distress than silence would otherwise.

I received a phone call on Thursday notifying me of an acceptance. The professor was extremely kind and friendly; while I was taken completely by surprise, and only managed to utter the bare minimum of civilized responses. So unfortunately I don't have much to tell since I wasn't nearly 'together' enough to ask anything half-decent. What I do know: 200 applicants this year; and no specifics about funding were given over the line, but a follow-up with more details will supposedly follow soon.

Thus it does seem that their admit decisions have been mostly completed.. but I'm not sure how the notifying/selecting process goes (who does!), so I definitely wouldn't lose heart.

Good luck, not just with this one, but all your applications!! I really wish you the best. This is such a difficult process for everyone.

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Congrats poppyensemble!

And I guess I can now obsessively watch my phone for the next week...(though I wonder if it means anything that there's only been 1 acceptance around here...maybe there's still a good chance for others!)

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