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Help for SOP in supply chain management

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Throughout the past three years I have explored various areas of business to find my interest. I have always been aspired for a career that provides a rich knowledge across different borders and cultures. While working in Client Servicing & Human Resource Management, I have learnt about various aspects of management. I have hands on experience in the subjects which are the part of my course curriculum like Business Processes (semester-1), Basics of Human Resources (semester -2), Business Reports & Project Management (semester -3) etc. Therefore, I found the field of Supply Chain Management most suitable for my career, interests and goals & decided up applying to the Supply Chain Management Course at Northern College.

My Graduation have provided me with a very robust foundation in the major subjects especially in the field of Communication. It has provided me the major theoretical aspects of IT and communication technology. Also, I have always been fond of research since my engineering days. I prolifically believe that my background in engineering had prepared me for such a career.

After completing my graduation in 2013, I chose to work in the areas of Project Management. While working I have gained immense experience. With the academic and work experiences, I have accumulated so far, I feel well prepared and confident to pursue SCM program. In my professional career and current job, I have acquired a general introduction to many aspects related to management, including Human Capital Management, vendor management, Internal payroll & accounting work, documentation to management, dealing directly with individual and corporate customers on daily basis. It is because of this perspective that I have decided to focus on supply chain management for my future career. Also supply chain management is an inherently international field with a growing industry hold all over the world, I know that I could benefit greatly by undertaking further studies overseas. My brother working in similar industry in areas of Operation Management from last 3 years has also supported my career decision. Being from technical background and with managerial skill set, I believe that my profile is totally suitable for SCM program.

There are couple of reasons for choosing Northern College. Firstly, it's among the reputed colleges in Canada’s Education sector. Secondly, its affordability and finally the course itself. I have gone through the recent fact sheet of the college and found very decent in student satisfaction, faculty, Staff and college administration. CO-OP work placement as part of the course curriculum also got my attraction. I wish to participate in a co-op or internship program as work experience has always given me a broad understanding of the business world. Through the extensive academic resources in this program, including not only the classes and lectures but also the industry links and practical experiences I hope to acquire broader, more in-depth knowledge of subjects, with the goal of going on to a career as a Global Sourcing Manager.

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