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Going for Ph.D. after a decade out of academia


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Hi, all!

I'm sure I'm not alone in this boat, so I thought we could join forces to chat about the issues inherent to going back for an intensive degree after several years away from academia. My big question to get us started is this:

How do you make a compelling case that you're ready for a research degree when you've spent almost a decade in the workforce? 

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I finished my undergrad after a 20+ year gap in the corporate world, then jumped into a professional masters and am now starting the PhD (all while working full time). In each of my personal statements I specifically referenced the advantages of of having many accumulated years of real world professional experience and work ethics, and how that applies to the world of academia.

Swing the experience angle to your advantage, the typical corporate BS, is not all that much different from academic bureaucracy. The hoops you need to jump thru may be different, but hoops are hoops.

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