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International student in US with 3.55 college GPA.

Guest ketodietman

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Guest ketodietman


I am a junior in US college, and I major in chemical engineering and minor in Spanish. My current GPA is 3.55. I am seriously considering to pursue masters in US, and I would like to ask several questions.

1) Can I pursue masters in discipline that isn't necessarily chem. E, but related somehow? I.E. chemistry, biomedical engineering, etc. 

2) Does being a foreign student affect my chance of acceptances as much as it does for undergrad?

3) How do people pay for masters? My family isn't really rich.   

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1) yes, I would look at the programs prerequisites. Some schools will admit you and make you take 1-2 undergraduate classes to make sure you have a good background. But generally if you have a degree in a STEM field you can apply to an Engineering graduate program. 

2) A lot of international students get admitted into Masters programs. It is much more difficult for an international student to be admitted into a Ph.D. program though. It helps that you went to a US school for undergrad. I would be concerned with this too much.

3) some students receive funding for masters from the school but I would apply for scholorships or grants. Some people have to take student loans though. This is something to consider when applying. Private schools are much more expensive and may not be worth it if you have to pay for it yourself. 

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