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GRE Scores Received Today, Bombed Quant!


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Hi Everyone!! Happy grad school application madness/crippling anxiety. So, I took the GRE, got my scores back:

Verbal: 157 (ok, ok 75th percentile);
Writing: 6 (yay, 99th percentile);
Quant: 148 (INSERT SCREAM OF HORROR EMOJI, 31st percentile).

I'm applying for MPA programs, which do care about your ability to analyze and process numbers (requires Calculus and Stats and such). Really conflicted about taking the GRE again though because if quant isn't going to tank my applications I'd rather not take the GRE again. Not applying to anything like Stanford or Harvard, looking at NYU, SU, SAIS, GWU, etc. 

I've also been in the workforce for about 4 years and have arguably enough experience to show my dedication to public service, but still. That quant score!!!! What do you guys think, take it again, or cross my fingers and hope people still let me into their programs?


Edit: My undergrad GPA was a 3.75 if that is helpful to anyone while considering this topic.

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