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Technology has become a huge part of our mundane life. Now the period has 
arisen, that we will not be able to retrospect our lives without it. 
Technological innovations have played a vital role to circumscribe all 
hidden truths of the unknown aspects. Without the humans ability to ponder
,it would have been impossible to even take few steps to reach where we are
today. Technology has made everything efficient for us and at the same time
given us precious time to think, rethink , innovate and renovate new things.

The archealogists made use of techniques to dig out varigated sculputures, tombs,
coins and other historical peices and showed us the evidence of the existence 
of diffferent civilizations. Technology was able to bring the remains of our
ancestors into our hands and help us analyze the inter- relationship and the intra-
relationship between the present and the past. Without the use of hefty tools 
and sophisticated techniques, we will never be able to find out the excavate our 
past. This unobjectional truth is not only for civilization but can be put forth for
excavations and discoveries.

A simple question that arises is, would we be able to put our hands out of earth to 
discover what lies in the universe without technology? Would astronauts be able to 
plan astronomical missions without the high ended technology. Today it is because of 
the Wright brothers we are able to travel places across oceans within a short span of 
time. It was the perfect thinking of the Wright brothers which made the invention of 
helicopters, aeroplanes space crafts possible. Today, lumsum of money is spend on 
outer space missions , discovery of planets and its movements, setting up livlihood 
on Moon. These unimaginable revelation of truth have only been possible because of 
our thinking capability. 

Everyday new inventions are being made. The result for new innovations, inventions 
and discoveries is the obstruction human faces. No sooner do we face any difficulty
we try overcoming the same by pondering the ways to resolve it. The human brain does
not give a halt there, it keeps on finding new ways to make it reliable and efficient.
The search for this goes on and on until we bring forth something that is close to 
the result we have expected. But this search and hunger for more keeps on haunting the
human brain. This statement holds true from our daily routine to different situations 
of technology, politics, art, medicine, science, history, geography etc.

Technology does not impede the thinking of human brain but gives time to help develop
new ways of human life. Today we have seen impossible made possible by the human race.
Techonlgy makes our life easier and gives way to new forms of livelihood. 

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