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Was turned  down by several schools in the U.S. and Canada (including Uni of Penn, UBC, Alberta) for a Masters degree program in ECE for Fall 2017. I want to apply again for Spring 2018.  Any advice on schools and how to go about my application?

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We need a bit more information:
1) What type of school and where did you do your undergrad in? (Top school, unknown, Europe, USA etc...)

2) What is your GPA and GRE like?

3) Are you applying to research or industry (course) based programs?

4) Do you have any research experience?  Publications?

Also many universities don't have a spring admission.

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Yh...I figured you would need a bit more information. Find them below; 

(1) Did my undergrad in Nigeria (Covenant University).

(2) CGPA is 4.1/5.0. 

(3) GRE score is 308. V: 151 Q:157 AW:2 

(4) Applying for course based programs.

(5) No research experience and no publications either.

(6) Have got about 2 years work experience .

What do you think my chances are? Contemplating on taking GRE again though.

I want SPRING because FALL is kinda far.

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Hi Keziem,

Course based (MEng) programs are notoriously difficult for international students to get acceptance.  (At least in Canada) These are considered professional programs and the fees are usually 35-50k for 1 year.  Needless to say this is not affordable for many international students (I imagine you would need to show proof of tuition cost and living expenses which would amount to about 80k on the high end).  International students usually apply for MASc which in Canada usually has guaranteed funding (depending on the school) which covers tuition and a very modest living allowance.

Based on your profile I think it would be slim even if you improve your GRE your GPA is quite low (2nd class honours) since A's are 70+... your GPA doesn't translate that well (though I could be wrong about this).  Getting into either a research or course based Masters at the universities you have mentioned would be extremely difficult. 

University of Waterloo has an interesting online Power MEng in Electrical Engineering that might be worth exploring.  I think there are other online MEng programs that might be options to explore.  If you are looking to use university as a immigration tool it might be beneficial to look at lesser known schools (try looking at Maclean's Magazine Rankings for Canada) and applying to an MASc application.  I think that course based programs are largely out of reach to take on campus but MASc should be an option, many might still be looking for January and May intakes.

Best of Luck

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Hi Formerfactory,

Thank you for taking out some time to critically look at my current predicament.

I find your response to be very  helpful. Duly noted! I wouldn't say some of these things haven't crossed my mind anyway.

Don't want to do an online course as I wish to relocate like you mentioned but I want a reputable school.

Would you mind taking a look at my Statement of Intent. 

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Hello Keziem,

I can take a look at your statement of internet that's not a problem but I am no means a professional, there are likely better sources on this forum but I will offer my full and honest critique.

Out of curiousity how do you define as reputable?  There are many universities that are reputable in Canada for instance but might not have an international presence.  Are you trying to be an academic?  Or go into the work force?  Usually in Canada for the work force it only matters what school you went to get your first job... The GTA is in many ways starved of talent and going to lesser known international schools such as Ryerson are good choices.  If Toronto isn't your cup of tea the University of Manitoba and University of Saskatchewan have excellent engineering programs but aren't as internationally established as say Toronto, UBC, McGill, or U of A.  There are many excellent options in Canada (and USA) for a quality masters route.

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Hello Formerfactory,

Very well then. Find attached the copy I used for my application to UBC.

In reply to your question, I intend to go into the work force.  

From our previous conversations, I perceive either Manitoba, Rayerson or Saskatchewon would do.

I would look them up see if they have Spring entry for my intended course.



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