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Please grade my gre essay


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Topic: As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate

Is it true that reliability of people on technology has made them lose their thinking ability? There are many instances where this is proved to be wrong. Technology has actually helped humans do smart work instead of hard work. It is obvious that hard work pays, but smart work gives results much faster and efficiently. 
There is a usual saying that "Computer has made man a machine!". How much true is this?Today's technological developments are due to the virtue of mankind. Such developments would not be possible if humans relied on only a fellow human for the computation purposes. There would be many disadvantages doing this. It would lead to economic efficiency because the person computing would had to be paid. In addition, how reliable would that computation be. After all he also is a human and there is a famous saying "Humans tend to make mistakes". Computer helps to supplement this issue of computation at the same time leading to economic efficiency(this money could be used for technological development instead!) and also better reliability along with higher efficiency. 
For instance, consider a scientist working on his research and he came across a complex calculation. He cannot afford to waste his time for the sake of calculation. Making use of a calculator would reduce the wastage of time and help him to work on his research much efficiently. Now, it is one example where it can be said that technology helps humans.
All things considered there sure are some disadvantages of technology being developed. It led to the invention of television. Now television has actually led to the destruction of man kind virtually.It clogs up the senses of a person making him disable to think. But this is not completely true because people are aware of the various events happening in various parts the world (even tot eh most remote place) which inspires them to lend a helping hand in further development of technology. 
All summed up, technology leads tot eh better of mankind and does not lead to destruction of mankind. But still as the saying goes "Too much is too bad!" the use of technology should also be checked to save everyone from destruction.

I would be grateful if somebody could grade my essay and suggest improvements.

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