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Question regarding RM ANOVA for thesis

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Dear Readers,

I am currently doing my bachelor thesis and i am analyzing my hypothesis with respect to masculinity preference for voices (masculinized voice/feminized voice) and mating strategy (short-term/long-term). My hypotheses is that(a) females will find a feminized voice more attractive for a long-term relationship than a short-term relationship and that (b) females will find a masculinized voice from men more attractive for a short-term relationship.
I conducted a RM 3 way ANOVA with all the variables and looked at the variable masculinity*strategy. It seems that the interaction is not significant.
I also did some Bonferonni pairwise comparison to see were te differences were. My question is: If my interaction is not significant how do I have to interpret this and do I still have to report/analyze the Bonferonni pairwise comparison to see if those are significant? (because SPSS wont obtain the simple effects for an interaction I put those in a syntax) In order to check the simple main effects?

I hope someone could help with these questions,

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,


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