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NYU( Gallatin) or York (Toronto)

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I have two M.A. admissions, one from York in International Development and one from Gallatin. I want to study international development in MENA in/post-conflict countries. I did my bachelors in Canada (average university) in political science, and have a lot of real life experience. I know NYU is a very prestigious university compared to York, but it's a lot more expensive (23k per 12 credits), M.A at York is fully funded. I can't decide between the two, my undergrad was not really good just because my university didn't have much to offer, no research, no labs! So I was basically just passing courses that's all, and most of my profs were idiots. My plan after completing my M.A. is to do a Ph.D and hopefully become a professor. I am thinking about Columbia University for my Ph.D. My question is, do you think M.A from Gallatin worth the debt?

I honestly don't know how people afford their tuition in the US but I come from an average family. I have two younger siblings and I'm a like a role model to them. This is a very difficult time for me, especially because my parents can't really help me to make the right decision.  I would greatly appreciate any advice you provide! 
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Congrats on getting into two awesome programs! 

I know that NYU M.A. sounds awesome right now but if it is just for Master's, I would choose fully funded program over a "sexy" name. Especially if you are thinking about doing PhD, it does NOT matter where you received your Master's degree. Focus on building your research skills and network with profs in Toronto (UT, Ryerson, and York). Some of them should have ties to Columbia because profs collaborate with faculty members from other institutions.

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