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Profile Evaluation and Suggestion for MSc in EE (RFIC/Analog Design)


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I am planning to apply for MSc in EE my specialization/research interest is RFIC and Analog Design. Even though I am really in the beginning of the journey I am open for all comments and suggestions.

I am lost in the where to apply which university would accept me etc. are do I have any luck at all? I will be really glad, if you comment and leave a suggestion. 

Class: Senior (2 semesters left)

Undergraduate University: One of the best in my country (Turkey)

Majors: Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Mathematics

Undergraduate GPAs: 3.47, 3.51 respectively (My graduate GPA probably would be better than this.)

Work Experience: 3 Summer Internships. One is in a Solar Panel Production Company; other two are in the top defense companies in the country. In my internships, I focused on RF circuits and Signal Processing. Before that I worked in a computer shop in HS but I don't think it is relevant.

Awards/Honors: I entered high-honor lists some semesters. First place in the National Science Fair Regional Finals in the Computer Projects Category in 2013 (In my HS years..)

Planning to Apply: CU Boulder, Texas A&M, University of Illinois at Chicago some Canadian Universities such as UBC and Waterloo. 

I'd really like to go CU Boulder. What are my chances? and how can I increase my chances?

Thank you for your interest. 


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