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Any Lit Theory Nerds?

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So, I'm applying for PhD programs for the 2018-2019 school year and am looking for lit theory, but am having a hard time finding those standout faculty members. My main focus is in Cognitive Literary Theory, anyone else? Any suggestions on where to look? If you are a theory nerd please post your main interests, where you are applying or go, and any advice. I'm sure I'm not the only nervous applicant that would love the help!

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Cognitive poetics is one of my subfields, or maybe it would be more accurate to say it's one of the lenses through which I analyze texts.

I would think Purdue should be high on your list of possibilities: https://www.cla.purdue.edu/academic/slc/l/coglit// 

The only other program I know of off the top of my head that's in the US is UCLA. Chances are, other UC campuses offer that focus as well. Good luck with your search :)

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I am applying to some literature programs that are heavy into theory in order to be able to do research in psychoanalytic theory, critical theory, and ecocriticism. I am finishing up an MA program in Philosophy and am realizing how much better my theoretical interests are aligned with the most theoretical of the literature departments. Right now, my list is:

OSU - Comparative Studies

Northwestern - Comparative Studies

Emory - Comparative Literature

Duke - Literature

UMN - Comparative Literature

Not sure how strong they are in your field, however.

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