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Question about PhD application


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I am an International Student, currently pursuing International Relations M.A degree at San Francisco State University.I intend to apply for Political Science PhD program, here are my stats:

Undergrad GPA: 3.33 (International Relations at my home country)

Grad GPA: 3.73 (At the end of my first year)
Voluntary Experience: Founding member of International Relations Council of SFSU

Work Experience: Will be working as T.A for next fall 

Publication: One paper will be published, by this fall on the university's academic journal

GRE: Will take it next November

TOEFL: I think I will be able to waive this requirement

LOR's: I can get solid LOR's from my professors.

The programs I intend to apply:

Boston University-Political Science PhD

University of California Santa Barbara Political Science PhD

University of Florida Political Science PhD

Florida International University International Relations PhD

Will I have strong chance to get into these programs with average/above average GRE scores (range 310-320)?

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You should think about what you want to spend your career doing. A PhD from FIU probably isn't going to get you a TT job at a university comparable to FIU in quality; their placements are primarily CC and even a few high school teachers (though it's been a little while since I've checked their placement record). I think you *could* get into any of those places (especially FIU), but it depends on your GRE to an extent. If you're in a two year program now, focus on bringing up your GPA. 3.7 certainly isn't disqualifying, but it's also likely below what most people will have (in terms of grad GPA). 

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Thanks for your reply. I am going to improve my GPA since it is very doable for me this semester. On the other hand, my applications will be done by this fall, thus, my available GPA is 3.73 for Fall 2018 application. I am concentrating on GRE test. Though I can achieve 160 or better on verbal part, I am skeptical to reach 160 on math, since I am terrible at it. I will do my best to score 315-320 range on GRE to get into these programs though.

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