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Time Sensitive Question Regarding Submitted Application


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Hi All,

With the admissions season well under way, I have a question regarding a submitted application. I noticed after further investigation into University of Nebraska's (my safety) graduate newsletter, that the program appears to universally admit PhD. students to the program who already have a Master's. Nowhere on the school's website or in any other supplementary documents that I have seen has it established admission to the PhD. program as contingent on the applicant holding a Master's. With this information, I am worried that my application will be disregarded--since I have only a B.A.--and I will have wasted an application fee. This is especially disconcerting because it appears that I might have to lean on my safety school the way decisions have been coming thus far. So, two questions: Do you think I will be reverted to the MA applicant pool upon the committee's recognition that I do not have an MA? If this is not a safe bet, would it be appropriate to email the DGS, or the Department chair, and explain my situation. My status was just updated to 'Under Review,' and they have been very diligent about updating whenever there is the slightest change (They even send out weekly updates!), so I am assuming they have just started reading applications. Is it too late? How would a request of this nature be viewed? Should I have known, and will it reflect poorly on my research into the program?

Any help on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.


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