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M.Ed. Programs in Boston


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Hi All! I currently work in undergrad admissions and want to go for my masters in higher ed. My director has told me that if I were to move to Boston to grad school (to be a part time student), she would be open to letting me continue on in our office as a regional rep! This would be such a great opportunity...so, my question is, what strong higher ed programs are there in Boston. Harvard obviously, but are there other reputable programs to which I might want to apply?

Any advice appreciated!

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I currently live in Boston. I was told by a Harvard higher ed student that their part time cohort members have generally always been Harvard employees or other Harvard affiliates. The most well known are probably Boston College (which is generally well regarded), BU, and Northeastern. Suffolk is in Boston as well and offers a higher ed admin program, but I'm not familiar with their program.

There are also quite a few programs outside of Boston but within an hour or so driving (depending on traffic) - Salem State, Merrimack, Bridgewater State (student affairs program) - and UMass Amherst in Western Mass is a few hours away, though also pretty well known.

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