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Hello everyone!

I have applied applied at TU Munich for the three programs in Mathematics department which are: 1. Math in Science and Engg, 2. Math in Operation research, 3. Financial Math and Actuarial Science. I have got admission in Engg Math with some voluntary courses which I need to take. I have also got admission in OR with some voluntary course and also pre condition to pass in one of the subjects during the first year. In Financial Math I have a interview on 27th July for which I have to study basic Probability theory and Statistics and after that I have some voluntary and courses to be passed like it is in other two programs. I am not able to make up my mind which one to opt for. I generally like Probability and Statistics confined to grade 12 and job related excursions. Since I Am an undergrad in Computer Science, most of these topics just flew away from the top of my head while I was reading a stochastics chapter. I have work experience in some of the statistical methods like Markov chain, Poisson, Logistic Regression, Assortment Optimization etc. I like these fields but the subtle difference between the courses is something I am unaware of and tough for m to choose. By looking at amount of probability and Stats in Finance I wanted to go for it but many are advising against it that it is concentrated just for the job sake and later on Math in it would be just arithmetic. If I go safe by taking Engg Math I am not sure I am going to like it because it has some engg lectures and subjects as well. OR is good but with a condition of passing in Convex optimization which I don't have any idea that what it is. Kindly share your ideas if you are from the branch in the University or from any other University. Thank you so much!!!

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