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Chance and School Advice Stat/Data Science

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Undergrad Institution: Big public state school known for math and engineering. 
Major(s): Statistics & Computational Modeling and Data Analytics
Minor(s): Mathematics
GPA: 3.74
Type of Student: domestic male, white
Coursework: Calculus I-III(A, B+, B), Advanced Calculus(A), Diff Eq,(A-), Linear Algebra(A), Mathematical Modeling I-II(A, A), Software Design I-II(A, C+), Statistical Methods I-II(A, A), Probability and Distributions(B+), Theoretical Statistics I-II(A, A), Regression(A), Bayesian Statistics(A), Experimental Designs(A), Data Analytics and Visualization(A), Parallel and Distributed Computing(A), Computational Stochastic Modeling (A)

GRE General Test: 
Preparing to take in several weeks

Programs Applying: Statistics PhD, Data Science MS

Research Experience: I have one publication in a applied statistical quality control journal as the 2nd author with a well known professor in the field. Additionally, I have assisted on a large data science research project conducted at my university. 
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Department Scholarship winner, Fraternity President of the Year, Hall of Fame Inductee for my fraternity nationwide. 
Pertinent Activities or Jobs:  Data Science Internship with Nielsen. President of my fraternity, President of a major student organization that oversees over 2000 undergraduates.
Letters of Recommendation: One from a lead data scientist at Nielsen. Another from the professor I conducted undergraduate research with. Two more options in my advisor who is a professor of Bayesian Stat, and the department head.

Applying to Where: I listed the one's I'm pretty interested in applying to. 
Virginia Tech Stat(Ph.D)
Purdue Stat (Ph.D)
NC State Stat(Ph.D)
NYU Data Science(Masters)
Carnegie Mellon Machine Learning(Ph.D)
I would love some chance information on the schools I've listed. Also, I am open to suggestions for other schools I should consider. I am not dead set on a Ph.D, but am more worried about funding. Thanks in advance!
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