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English proficiency for incoming TAs (UCLA specifically)

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I have a question regarding English proficiency exams for incoming TAs. I will be attending a Phd program at UCLA this Fall. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any department funding, so I applied for TA positions in other departments and luckily one professor agreed to hire me. Now, the department staff just told me that they can't extend me the official offer letter since I haven't passed the English oral proficiency exam ( UCLA only accepts it's own exam). Has anyone else been in this position before? I have a Master's degree from US and have no doubt that I'll easily pass that exam but I'm afraid that the position might get filled by the time I give the exam in September. Should I talk to the professor to hold the position till then? Is that a reasonable thing to ask? I'll be super grateful for any help!

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First, does the staff at the other department know that you have a Masters degree from a US school? I don't know about UCLA/this department specifically, but the standard for most schools is something like you need one of the following:

1. A degree at an English-speaking institution, or

2. Some minimum score on an international english language test (forgot the acronym, but it's the one administered by ETS), or

3. The school's internal test.

So since #2 doesn't seem to be an option, I would first ask the other department if having #1 fulfills their requirements. Otherwise, ask if you can do the oral test ASAP (maybe by phone/Skype?). At my PhD school, the internal test was just a conversation between you and someone in the Grad Office (not an actual exam).

At the same time, talk to your potential TA professor and let him/her know about your situation. Maybe they can help you too. If the above stuff does not work out at all, then ask the prof if they would be willing to hold the position (since it's pretty clear that you will pass the test). But keep in mind that they might not be able to do this due to whatever policies might be in place.

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I went to a different school but one that also required its own exam of all international students regardless of any other credentials. Talk to the professor about holding the position for you since there is no way for you to do  anything else about it. 

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