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UK tier 4 student visa and dui

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Hey everyone,

I have been admitted to the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies and am in the process of applying for the tier 4 visa. I was arrested for DUI in October and plead no contest to misdemeanor in February. I was not sentences to more time, but did receive a misdemeanor, completed an alcohol rehabilitation program, installed the interlock device in my car for 5 months and will do 25 hours community service as well as pay a $418 fine. I have read paragraph 320 section 18A and grounds for refusal. The school has agreed to defer my acceptance and allow me to begin Fall 2018 if my visa is refused. Has anyone had experience with this type of situation and how likely is it that I could still be approved?

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Hey Msfeline,

I plead no contest for a misdemeanor DUI this July. The University of London also agreed to defer my entry to the 2018 school year. The immigration advisor said that the UK Border Patrol automatically refuses you a visa if you were convicted/arrested within the last 12 months. They said they will reevaluate my visa application next July according to the immigration laws. So I'm kind of in the same boat...

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