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characteristics study in major cities

Characteristics of societies can be studied only when one has a major pool of population to study with and hence the major cities provide the right environment and resources to do so. Each society varies in different ways say for example language, customs, lifestyle, education and many more. Each characteristics when observed distinctly provides a measure to evaluate how developed or developing or functional a particular society is. The issue in contention rightfully points out that major cities could be one of the easiest and genuine way to study the different aspects of a group of civilied individuals.

The very first thing that comes into our mind when we think of cities is the fact that they have a huge population and a mixture of people migrating from different parts of the region where the city is located. This fact is indeed true to a lot of extent and hence serves as a legitimate reason for studying characteristics of a society in a city . The different factions of cultures existing in a city brings variety to a society that helps in determining the functioning amongst these factions. Their harmonious existence together or disagreements over an issue can reveal a lot about the society which is one great characteristic in narrowing the division amongst different groups of society.

Furthermore, the people migrating into the cities bring with them the culture with which they have been brought up. Analysis of past histories of people along with their reasons for migrating to a city can reveal what is lacking and what is abundant in a society. For example we might find a farmer working as a labor in an industry in a city, on being asked upon reasons for his migrations we might get answers like lack of healthcare and education systems in the rural areas where he used to live. This example conveys that a particular section is being concentrated and a particular section is being ignored or we can simply say is being focused upon less. Again a characteristic which might enable us to study the distinctions.

Now a few people might disagree and say that cities are only a small part of any country and hence should not be used to study or observe the people of that region. It is true that they comprise only a small part but they come up with a large variety of people which is more essential for a study like this. One would rather study different cultures in a small city than a large population from a common background.

In conclusion to the above mentioned claims, it is very much evident that cities are projected out as the cosmopolitan hub of people, cultures and societies. A study of characteristics would enable an authority to work better by looking into the needs of different societies. A wide range of characteristics can be well observed in cities and hence are an ideal option for such studies.   

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