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please grade my awa argument topic


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woven baskets unique to palea

The argument being made states that a particular kind of woven baskets were believed to be from a pre historic village of Palea and were therefore unique to the vicinity of Palea. However a recent discovery by the archaeologists disproves the fact that the basket were not unique to Palea as similar baskets were discovered in a village called Lithos near the river Brim from Palea. The findings are not enough to prove that the evidence provided in the argument are true. There are certain questions which still remain unanswered.

According to the argument there were no boats found in the Brim river and hence there is no possibility of the baskets made in Palea to be transferred to Lithos. This evidence on its own is not enough to prove that the baskets were not from Palea. What if there were many other routes to reach Lithos from Palea without crossing the river Brim? what if some of the baskets from Palea accidentally fell into the river and reached Lithos? . These queries have not been accounted for in the argument and hence weakens the arguments position.

Another question that remains that remains unanswered is whether the people from Lithos used to visit Palea or vice versa. There is a strong possibility that the baskets were brought by the people of Lithos whenever they visited Palea or when the people of palea visited the people living in Lithos they gifted them the baskets. In either case the baskets would still remain unique to Palea as opposed to what the argument tries to state.

Even on considering the fact that the baskets were made by the Lithos does not prove the fact that how the Lithos learnt the art of making such baskets. There is a possibility that the Lithos learnt the art of making woven baskets from the Paleans and continued making them in their own villages which was years later discovered by the archaeologists. However, this argument still does not approve or disproves the fact whether woven baskets were unique to Paleans or not.

In conclusion to the argument stated, it can be clearly viewed from the above mentioned points that the findings by the archaeologists lacks insight and further experimentation and exploration is required. The conclusion made in the argument is based on narrow findings which lacks refinement and hence is inappropriate to be used as an evidence for the argument.

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