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Hi Everyone,

Its my first time posting here. I have three years of work experience working on the data end of international development and hence I'm looking for a masters program that equips me technically to pursue development solutions. My undergrad was from Mount Holyoke with a major in Politics and a few courses in Comp Sci and Communication. C.GPA was 3.74 and GRE 162 verbal 160 quant and 5.5 analytical. My prospective programs are:

CMU - MSPPM Data Analytics Track

UChicago Harris - MSCAPP


Fletcher - MALD


I'm considering applying to MIMS at the iSchool but not sure if I match the criteria or not. I'm afraid of the program being too techy but then I'm thinking that since I have the option to take electives I could bridge in courses on development and policy as well maybe.

Also questioning Yale and Duke Sanford.

Funding for internationals is also a big decision making criterion for me.

It would be great if people could share their experience with the above programs and also whats the likelihood of me getting what I'm looking for from these programs.


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