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Applying to UTD and Baylor for Speech Pathology spring 2018 semester



Hi all,

I am applying to both UTD and Baylor's speech pathology programs for Spring 2018. My GPA is a 3.96, however I have poor scores on the GRE. On quantitative I got a 150 and on verbal I got a 151. I haven't gotten back my writing scores yet. In addition, I am a member of NSSLHA, I work at an autism center, have my RBT certification, and will be having a client at a speech clinic as part of my school's honors program in the fall (I graduate undergrad in December of 2017). I was wondering what my chances are of getting into UTD or Baylor with my profile? I'm just not sure if my GRE scores will cut it and I don't have time to take it again before I apply. Would really appreciate some feedback! Thanks! 

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Your GRE scores seem fine to me, especially given your high GPA and other experiences. Most programs just want to see at least a 150 in each. I personally don't see a couple points making a noticeable difference in your application. You can check gradcafe's admission results page to see the stats of applicants who have been rejected or accepted from those schools, but remember there are other parts to an application. I suggest you focus on polishing your personal statement and getting great LORs now.

Also, check out the speech-language pathology forum for more feedback! Most speech path students hang around there and maybe someone more familiar with UTD and Baylor can give you more advice. Best of luck with applications!

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