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Where to fulfill a microecon prerequisite?


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I'd look at local community colleges in your state. That way, you can get in-state tuition.

In the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area), there's Wake Tech Community College. It's mandatory that you show up for the micro final, however. It looks like it would cost you about $800, for the class and books.

schedule: https://webadvisor.w...NSTITUENCY=WBCE

cost: http://registration....-fee-policy.php

I had to fulfill the same requirement for my master's. However, I did an 8-week, in-person course during the summer. Be prepared though; it's not the same caliber course as a traditional university class. ;) Lots of spoon-feeding, but you'll do fine.

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Thank you!!

Ugh, it's so irritating, I took an intro to econ of natural resources class, but apparently it wasn't enough micro, more macro... boooo... tongue.gif

Ask them if you can take the AP Microeconomics Test. If you can just check out some textbooks from a library and take it at a local high school.

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