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What to do?


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  This is my first time posting so here goes...

I'm hoping to see if I can get some suggestions (or even criticism) as to what to do next.

I'm graduating college this upcoming fall and I took my GRE yesterday... The results were... not good. Verbal was 134 and Quantitative was 163.

I'm not sure what to do. My GPA isn't that strong either, I study biology and my GPA... (laugh if you want) is 2.8.

  I don't really know what to do, (or even if any university will accept me), since most programs require 3.0 GPA.

Would anyone be willing to give me any suggestions as to what to do? Or should I just not pursue graduate school?


Thanks in advance!

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I think searching for schools at your reach might be a good idea here (so like no top 10 schools). Your GPA is not ideal but many schools accept sup 3.0s for their master's program. If your ultimate goal is PhD, you might want to do a masters first.

it doesn't really say what your program of interest is but I am guessing bio?

I would take GRE once again, increase your research activities, and search for safety schools/program. 

Again, this is not a hopeless situation! Just have to aim low for now and do a good job in your masters so you can apply to awesome schools for your phd !!

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