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Any one Visiting these Campuses?


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Thanks to DJLamar I am trying to organize a trip fairly shortly to visit the schools that have accepted me. I plan to visit CMU (Feb 24-26) and Cornell (March 7-8)on their visit days. I'll have to squeeze in the week between them UIUC (25-27), UPenn and UMass.

I am trying to manage within a budget. Any idea if the schools will have cheap dorm accomodation available? Maybe grad students who will host (or put up with laugh.gif ) freshers?

UIUC is a tough one for me. Getting there from New York or Newark (where I will land initially and stay between school visits) seems a problem and quite expensive. I can get to Chicago it seems but then I won't have a car and a 130 mile cab ride seems really expensive.

What is the best way to get to UIUC from Chicago.?

Is any one going to any of these schools? What are you planning to do for accomodation? Would you care to share a hotel room if necessary to minimize the costs?

Any (legal) ideas to reduce the costs will be very much appreciated.

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Cornell and CMU I know will put you up in a hotel room that is billed directly to the school (as long as you confirm with them soon enough that you're coming -- make sure you've done this with all your schools).

To get to UIUC from Chicago, try bus (Greyhound) or train (Amtrak). I'm pretty sure I've heard that at least one of those two goes there from Chicago. Could be wrong though.

Hope to see you at the Cornell and CMU open houses by the way, haha. I'm guessing you'll leave Pittsburgh immediately after (or even before the end of) CMU's open house since you have UIUC's to attend. I'm going to hang around Pittsburgh that Saturday as well as Sunday afternoon and check out the city a little bit :)

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Was the CMU open house just for CS? Anyone know if there still is an open house for ECE?

The only ones that I know for sure happened already are the LTI and CSD open houses (both in the School of Computer Science). I don't know anything about ECE there though.

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