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Second Chances Personal Statement

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Hi everyone
I am a grad student in Chem. Engineering funded by Scholarship from my country. I am in a very difficult situation now.

I got dismissed from my grad program. I am trying to apply to other Chem. Eng.  grad schools and I need to submit "special" Personal Statement.

I would be grateful if you could help me to fix my typo , grammar , or correct my mistakes



If you hang around the barbershop long enough sooner or later you are going to get a haircut. That old saying which is also part of famous Denzel Washington commencement speech reminds me of what my parent used to say. My mother raised me to believe I could achieve the difficult things if I set my mind to it. She makes me believe in the power of passion, patience, and perseverance but she also reminded me that a belief will be tested with a lot of trials.


A graduate degree offers the opportunity to explore and better understand my field. I decided to continue my education in the United States with ZZZt scholarship. During my academic training as a Chemical Engineering Master’s student at the University of XXX I was facing difficulties I did not expect before. My transition was not as smooth as I wished. I could not focus on my study due to health issue along with shock that I faced as a person who came from the very different area and culture. Handling the courseload while suffer from the poor health condition at the same time was not easy for me.


I realized that my health issue has the potential to interfere with my ability to perform academically so I took action to get the help that I need. I have been using online educational website to study particular topic and fill my gap in some courses. I had have proper medical treatment with the Student Health Services on campus. I also have been in a strict diet as advised by professional nutritionist regarding my health. To overcome my culture shock and anxiety I visited Counseling Center and I learn time management skill, mindfulness and how to have a balanced life as a graduate student. Being involved in international graduate student group also help me to improve my social life. But even after all my effort I could not maintain the minimum academic requirements. I was dismissed from the program after 2 semesters, because I received B- for 9 credits for some courses I had taken.


It is a nightmare for every student, especially those who come from other countries. I keep asking myself what went wrong and why. From that experience, I learn about graduate student problems and how to prevent it. The knowlwdge that I had from previous coursework and research activity could be used as a stepstone for my next path. Now I have more preparation to adapt and perform better than before.


The transition of developing country to developed country is where I want to involve in. For decades my country has been exporting so much of its natural resources just as raw material. Advanced materials will play a significant role in order to create a product with added value and creating jobs in my country. By becoming a researcher in advanced materials especially energy storage, I want to contribute to our national electric car and home battery project. In order to do that I need to learn how to conduct academic research that links with industrial and market orientation.

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