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Political Theory Applicant - What are my chances?


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BA Toronto. MA overseas

GRE: verbal 700 (97%) math 710 (74%) writing 6/6

One published article in a journal in my field. A number of undergraduate and graduate awards.

Applying to study political theory at:






What are my chances at each school? What kind of reputation does the Unversity of Toronto have among Americans? How hard is Columbia to get into for political theory specifically?

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Being an American ex-pat studying in Toronto, now, I can tell you that UofT has the best overall reputation out of Canadian schools. Normally I think it's treated like a little brother of the Ivy Leagues, or like a large Midwestern Research I.

People in fields where Canadian schools have a strong presence might have a better idea about other big Canadian schools - UBC, York, McGill, etc. - but it seems like UofT is very well-known among the people I talk to in The States (mainly in arts/humanities disciplines).

You've probably got a fighting chance at any of those schools. It all probably hinges on fit, making sure you have a potential advisor to fight for you, and making sure your supporting materials look polished.

It never hurts to apply to some mid-level programs for backups, though.

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