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Non-UK PhD applicants needed to help with paid website research

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Hopefully this is ok to post here, apologies if not!

We at Web Usability (www.webusability.co.uk) are conducting research into the needs of overseas PhD students coming to the UK. We need to recruit students who are looking to undertake a PhD (e.g. final year BSc students or MSC students) and might in principle consider a UK University (even if they are now committed to a different university). 
We especially need students from the Middle East, China and the US to help with this research by taking part in an online research session (which they would carry out remotely from home or university). The research will involve looking at the websites of some UK universities to find a relevant course/research group, and to find out about the university. 
The session will last for one hour and we will pay testers the local currency equivalent of £40 sterling, either by PayPal or Amazon voucher, whichever is preferred. 
We hope to conduct the sessions during the week commencing 21st August and will arrange a convenient day and time with the tester. 
Any student interested in taking part, please let me know, and we can get in touch to discuss further details. Alternatively, if you know someone else who might be suitable, please pass the message on! 

Many thanks, 


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